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"The Lotus Flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But, sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light becoming the most beautiful flower ever."

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Specializing in Trauma & Anxiety.

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Reverend Jessica J Conti, LMHC
"Rev JJ" is an:
Ordained Minister
Florida Board Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Qualified Supervisor
200 hr BEAM Yoga Teacher
Level II Reiki Practitioner

My experience is broad and I work with a variety of problems such as:
Stress Management Depression
Eating Disorders

I teach yoga and mindfulness to children, adolescents and adults.

I am a certified Qualified Supervisor to provide clinical supervision to counseling interns seeking licensure in the state of Florida.

As an ordained minister, I can also officiate your wedding & perform other ceremonies.

Mental Health Counseling
Lotus Therapy Healing Package

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Biopsychosocial Assessment
Individualized Treatment Plan
4 Individual Therapy Sessions
3 Private Yoga Classes
2 Guided Meditations
1 Breath Work Session

Healing Services

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Healing Mudras

A course on Mudras to Heal Anxiety & Depression.

The use of mudras are a powerful tool for self-care and empowerment. With yoga the intention is to draw oneself inward. Mudras allow us to go inward and recharge our energy levels.

The term mudra applies to the use of hand gestures during meditation that carry specific goals of channeling your body’s energy flow.

Healing Videos

Check out my library of healing videos available for rent and/or purchase a healing course/package.

Yoga for Balancing & Opening Chakras

This course will address specific yoga postures {asanas} that will assist in healing the mind body & spirit by opening & balancing the seven Chakras.

The word chakra literally means "wheel" in Sanskrit and symbolises the flow of energy in our body. The 7 chakras present in your body are actually energy centres and are known to regulate emotions.
Chakra balancing is the process of reaching a place of balance between the spirit, body and health. It ensures that there is a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

JJ Lotus Therapy

Kundalini & BEAM Yoga
Breath Energy Alignment Movement
Connect to Self & Spirit

Access my collection of Self Healing Videos & Courses teaching Breath (Pranayama)
Chakra Balancing
Yoga (Asanas/Kriyas).

Creating momence of healing.

Lotus Yoga Therapy Package

Take the first step in committing to your own health and wellness & sign up for 4 weeks of Private Yoga Therapy sessions to heal mind, body & spirit.
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You can find my Podcast
"The Lotus Lounge"
My Story of Trauma & Healing: Raw & Uncut with Rev JJ Speaking Truth on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, & Pocket Casts.

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Telephone: Tel:+8136838197
Location: 15310 Amberly Dr Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33647

Corq Yoga Mats

Our Eco-friendly mats are made with premium cork, sustainably harvested from Portugal.

Cork comes from the Quercus suber tree, which lives up to 200 years old. The outer bark of the tree is harvested once every 9 to 15 years using an age old method of removing just the outer bark without harming the tree. This outer bark is collected, set out to dry, and eventually processed into cork.

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My approach to healing is eclectic, using Yoga, Reiki, Energy Work, Mantras, Mudras, Meditation, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy, & an Acceptance and Commitment treatment to assist in identifying strengths, challenge beliefs and confront behaviors for positive change. I will work with you to find proper balance, grounding and centering in your life.


Every step of the process will be handled with true professionalism. I received my Master of Arts in Counseling with an emphasis in mental health in 2006. I have been licensed as a mental health counselor in Florida since 2013, level II reiki practitioner since 2008 and a certified BEAM yoga teacher since 2009. With almost 2 decades of experience working with children and families, I am confident that I will help you reach your individual goals.


I will provide a safe space for you to feel accepted, encouraged, and understood without any judgement. I will assist you in pursuing your own personal goals so that you will reach your destination.